M-Clinic Kenya is a pioneering healthcare service provider powered by MML Technologies Kenya LTD. We are dedicated to continuous innovation in the delivery of medical care. M-Clinic uses innovative and game-changing M-Clinic application, which revolutionizes the healthcare industry by providing accessible and efficient healthcare solutions to Kenyans at the touch of a button. We have partnered with leading medical service providers all across the country to provide affordable, accessible healthcare all over Kenya.

The M-Clinic App connects patients to licensed medics who can offer professional services at the comfort of your own home. Simply Download the Mclinic App, sign up and order a medical professional straight to your home. M-Clinic has also partnered with leading Ambulance service providers in the country with Ambulances in all major towns and cities, meaning you and your family can get access to emergency medical evacuation services all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

What People Asked From Us? We answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding our platform. If you have a query that is not answered here, Please feel free to contact us.

Why Mclinic

At MClinic we offer expert services to all our clients, No need to spend a whole day congested in hospitals just to get a simple diagnosis that can be done from the comfort of your home. All our Nurses have been well-trained and licensed by the Kenyan Government. We have partnered with the National Nurses Association Of Kenya who have a wide membership of professional and fully qualified Nurses all over Kenya. Experienceconvenient, professional & affordable healthcare.

How do i get a consultation on MClinic?

Our physicians and nurses are available 24 hours a day, Simply search and book an appointment with any Nurse/Clinician in your location or by specialty, Make payments, and we will be in touch on the date/time of booking for consultation. Our nurses and doctors will come straight to you for all your healthcare needs.

Can i Pay after service?

Yes, but only in life threatening cases where a patients life is at risk. In this case you can reach our helpline to assit with Medical aid or ambulance dispatch then make the payment after service, otherwise we prefer making prior online payments via our platform or paybill number 300977 for us to be able to cate for logistics of the nurse to your location

Are you located countrywide?

Yes!. Our huge database of trained professionals allows us to reach all counties across Kenya with nurses, ambulances, and medical centers for medical referrals. All our partners play a role in the services we offer. Our core business is to provide convenient, affordable, and accessible healthcare services to all Kenyans.

Do you have Emergency Services?

Yes. We are available 24 Hours a day 7 Days a week. If you are having a life-threatening emergency us at 0745329764 for quick service. We will send a Nurse your way immediately with an ambulance in the case of an emergency. Subscribe to our emergency medical evacuation cover from as low as 2700 Shillings a year.

Do I have to re-register?

As a Patient No, You don't need to register for an account, you will only fill out the appointment form when you need a doctor or nurse to get in touch with you for an online or home-based consultation. Nurses are required to register with the national nurses association of Kenya NNAK to become a member on the MClinic platform.

What if I can't make my appointment and I need to reschedule?

Call our Customer care office via 0745329764 as soon as you realize you will not be able to keep your scheduled appointment. You can reschedule the appointment to whenever you have time. At mclinic we offer convenient healthcare solutions that work for you and within your schedules.

What information will the Patient Services Representative need to schedule an appointment?

Please have the following patient information ready: Patient’s full name (including middle initial) Date of birth Current address and phone number Current insurance information Physician’s name whom you wish to schedule an appointment with Purpose of the appointment. It is important to let the scheduler know about all of the concerns you would like addressed during your appointment so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time to care for your needs.

Emergency Contact

Call/ Text/ Whatsapp +254745329764

Emergency E-mail

24/7 Email Support info@mclinic.co.ke

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