Training Opportunities with NNAK

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Training Opportunities

Accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training for both online and on site with accredited CPD Points for license renewal, career opportunities and personal growth and Development. Free CPD materials such as booklets. Sponsored Exchange programs. Education pool fund for members. Members are also able to receive CPD points and certification after attendance of our Annual Scientific Conference.


Why train with NNAK

NNA-Kenya is an affiliate member of both global and regional networks for instance the International Council of Nurses (ICN), International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), Eastern, Central and Southern Africa College of Nursing (ECSACON), Federation of East African Nurses (FEAN), Association of Professional Societies of East Africa (APSEA), and Kenya Health Federation (KHF).  We provide a forum through which participants can share and learn from each other’s experiences.  We have adequate training materials, supplies and equipment for training and learning.   The courses and Training programs will be facilitated by experts who are well trained and experienced.

Some courses offered include

AHA Basic Life Support Training

This is a course that equips individuals with lifesaving skills, especially for victims with compromised airways, breathing, and circulation. It provides basic medical concepts such as cardiovascular resuscitation and choking management.

The Course Content is inclusive but not limited to:

·         General Course Concepts

·         The chain of Survival

·         BLS for Adults

·         AED for Adults, Children, and Infants

·         BLS for Infants and Children

·         Alternate Ventilation Techniques

·         Other Life-Threatening Emergencies

·         Choking Relief for Adults, Children, and Infants


Course Duration

The Basic Life Support course will run for a period of 5 hours

Cost:  Members KSH. 5000, Non-Member KSH 5500



This is an advanced course that highlights the importance of team dynamics and communication, systems of care, pre-arrest, arrest, and immediate post-cardiac arrest care.

The Course Content is inclusive but not limited to:

·         Perspectives of ACLS.

·         Airway Management

·         Introduction to ECG

·         Adult Arrest1

·         Tachycardia

·         Bradycardia

·         PEA & ASYSTOLE

·         STROKE

·         Mega code

·         12 LEAD ECG

·         Post resuscitation care

·         Mega code Practice


Course Duration

The Advanced Cardiac Life support course will run for a period of two and a half (22) days.



Members KSH. 14000, Non-Member KSH 15000




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